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CAHRO Canadian Association of HIV Research Ontario
CAHRO Canadian Association of HIV Research Ontario

providing advocacy collaboration and communication

The Canadian Association of HIV Research Ontario (CAHRO) exists as the voice of Ontario HIV researchers to provide advocacy, collaboration, and communication to enhance HIV research within Ontario, and to support national advocacy, collaboration and communication through CAHR.


To continue to encourage young investigators, CAHRO awarded the following prizes for posters presented at the 2006 Ontario HIV Treatment Network Conference in the basic, clinical, epidemiology and social / behavioural streams:

Anthony Lombardo
Prospective Evaluation of a Local HIV Media Campaign Targeting Gay Men

Tom Mara
Increased Reluctance of Dental Hygienists to Treat HIV Patients in Ontario Compared with other Regions of Canada

Zhaida Uddin
Operation Hairspray: An Innovative Approach to HIV/AIDS Education with African and Caribbean Communities - Results of a 1 Year Pilot

Bahareh Vali
HIV-1 Specific T Cells Accumulate in the Liver in HCV/HIV-1 Co-Infection

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